Agostino  Ferrari

Via Dell’Orso, 16
20121 – Milano (Mi)


Works authentication

In order to authenticate Agostino Ferrari’s paintings, we need the following:

  • 2 digital colour photographs (front/back) of the painting(s), minimum 300 dpi


  • 2 copies of a 18×24 cm colour photograph of the painting(s)
  • 1 black&white photo of the painting(s) back, in case anything has been written on it

and all data relevant to Ferrari’s Complete Work Archive (such as: source, previous owners, exhibitions, publications).

Ferrari’s Work Archive

Agostino Ferrari’s Complete Work Archive is in progress since 2006.
For more info on how to get a work authenticated and mentioned in Ferrari’s Complete Work Archive, please contact the Artist via e-mail or phone.

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