Sezione due Ing

I draw signs and writings not to represent but to stop myself on a page time.
If it is true that this too will become a story or a diary, it will be only because everything that man has done, including the first imprint left on the sand, has remained in our memory even if many winds have erased the image.

As Janus well wrote: “The sign has in itself the possibility of rebelling even against itself, become indecipherable like ancient tombstones engraved in a remote and unknown language. This is his return to his origins, when nothing yet existed in the minds of men except for a few opaque glimmers of light in the ice or in the heatwave of his early dreams”

Each color is pregnant with multiple meanings closely linked to the natural world and the magical relationship that man has always had with it, a symbol permeated with emotional resonance.

Agostino Ferrari