Oltre la soglia del Segno (Beyond the Threshold of the Sign)

From April 5 to May 5, 2024, the Diocesan Museum in Brescia is hosting a retrospective exhibition dedicated to Agostino Ferrari, analyzing the last two decades of his artistic research. The exhibition, curated by Elena Di Raddo and Mariacristina Maccarinelli, presents 13 paintings and 10 ceramics, which tell the evolution of the sign from the early 2000s to the present.

The exhibition opens with paintings from the series entitled Oltre la soglia (Beyond the Threshold), which began in 2002. In the same room we also find some later works from the series Interno-Esterno. The second room is dedicated to Pro-segno SEMS, Spazio-Energia-Materia-Segno (ProSign SEMS, Space-Energy-Matter-Sign) and ProSegno “Nuove scritture” (ProSign, New-Scriptures) titles that define the creations made since 2023.

The museum’s outdoor space hosts a section dedicated to white or black ceramics, in which the three-dimensionality of pictorial research dialogues with matter.

The path continues with a video installation curated by Francesco Pio Bellisario, a student of DAMS for the Arts at the Catholic University. Concluding the review is the video interview A Piccoli passi nell’Arte. Agostino Ferrari, the result of the activity of the students of the Laboratory of Contemporary Art History, DAMS course for the Arts, of the Catholic University.

The catalog, which contains critical texts by the curators, is produced in collaboration with the JUS Museum in Naples.

Oltre la sogli del Segno, 5 aprile- 5 maggio 2024